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Our Process

We are looking for a 30+ year relationship built on trust and accountability. It is important to find the right fit.

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Step 1


  • You get to meet the team.
  • Introduction to our philosophy, process and fee structure.
  • We get to meet you, learn about our goals and find out if we are the right fit.

Schedule a Fit Meeting

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Step 2

Organize & Analyze


  • First, we look deeper at where you are now.
  • We gather your data for your Asset Map and Portfolio MRI.
  • Meet to review our analysis, set goals and formalize your plan.

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Step 3

Launch the Plan

If our team & plan are right for you:

  • We finalize your goals and discuss execution steps.
  • Establish your accounts and Fourth Point Wealth Hub Access.
  • Start a lifetime of coaching, guidance and trust. 

Schedule a FIT Meeting