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The Team

Times have changed. Life is bigger, the world is getting smaller and news comes at us faster than ever. Despite pace around us, some things should never change. A job well-done. Peace of mind. Goals.

Chris Janeway founded Fourth Point Wealth after spending 10 years with PlanMember Financial Group in Santa Barbara. Our mission is to change the lives of clients and their families through the investor experience.

Our clients are primarily in Southern California, but we serve clients around the country. In an ever-changing economic landscape and with the emergence of technology, Chris felt there was simply a better way to deliver value to clients. We shouldn’t have to choose between a technology platform OR a trusted advisor relationship. Fourth Point Wealth developed a process that utilizes the best of today’s tools to deliver a heightened client experience and deeper, trusted relationship.

Are you looking for something different in a wealth advisor?

Fourth Point Wealth works with professionals and retirees with big goals — financial independence and a work-optional lifestyle — to help make them a reality.

But you’re not just in it for you. You’re looking to build a legacy, or plan for an education, or maybe even make the world just a little bit better.

Fourth Point Wealth utilizes a system of financial planning and goal setting we call the Anchor FORMula. Somewhere at the intersection of things we can control and things that matter to you is the sweet spot of where we work.

We help you pinpoint gaps and key risks in your financial life,
and help you chart a course to securing your goals.

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